training memahami liquidity risk di jakarta

liquidity risk


Why you would need this program?
Liquidity drain or shock can bring an entity into suddent bankruptcy as well as lawsuit due to its failure to keep  its financial liablities. This program is designed to help participants gain a better understanding, knowledge and skill in managing liquidity risk through class room exercise and discussion.

What topics are covered?
This is a two-day (12 hours) workshop and it covers various topics such as :
1. Understanding liquidity risk
2. The early signals of liquidity problems
3. Basel framework for managing liquidity risk
4. Strategy for managing liquidity risk
5. Case discussion

Fasilitator :
Drs. Deddy Jacobus, MBA, CIR, CCSA, ERMCP, CRMA / Trainer Team SH ConsultantChairman of the Association of Risk Management Practicioners (ARMP), Jakarta., Member  of the Steering Committee Professional Risk Managers International Associations (PRMIA) Chicago, USA., Certified Member of the Lembaga Komisaris dan Direktur Indonesia (LKDI), Jakarta., Certified in Risk and Control Self-Assessment (CCSA), IIA, Florida, USA., Certified Enterprise Risk Management Professional (ERMCP), ERMA, Singapore, Certified Risk Management Analyst (CRMA), IIA, Florida, USA., MBA, Risk Management, Universitas Gajah Mada., 10 years experience in Enterprise Risk Management.


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